Árpád Mondok

Gestalt therapist, supervisor, Trancedance facilitator, Watsu practicioner
(Hungarian version)

Provides individual and group therapy to adults, as Gestalt-therapist at the Anahata Center, in the closeness of water helped by Watsu and in the dark facilitating Trancedance Evenings. Provides supervision for professionals to ease their work with clients.

He is an accredited  Gestalt-therapist and Gestalt-supervisor by EAGT , ECP holder. Graduated from the Norwegian Gestalt Institute by 2014. Currently at his Master year at GestaltCenter/Metropolitain University of London. He has been helding TPW (Transpersonal Workshop) self awareness groups initiated by Beata Bishop for a decade.

His inner journey have started 30 years ago, getting aware of Zen Buddhism and training his own body and soul as part of his marital arts training. He soon experienced, that real inner balance can only be achieved by getting aware of the process of body, emotions, soul and his relationships, the real fight is not outside, that what brought him, to the lifelong journey of self awareness. Ever since his partner on this is Ilona Vernyik, raising their two kids and partnering also in inner development.

Árpád has experienced as part of his own therapeutic journey the power of Jungian therapy, analytic drawing, dreamwork, rebirthing, holotropic breathwork, family constellation, 5Rythm therapy, Trancedance and a mulitfold of transpersonal and Gestalt based therapeutic modality. Have been trained for therapeutic drawing by Ted Verhammen Dutch transpersonal therapist, than by Wilber Alix American psychologist as Trancedance facilitator.

Parallel to his journey he has been working for two decades in the field of communication, where he transformed his leadership to establish joint targets with his colleagues and help them to develop, by gaining deep insights of their clients, themselfs and building convincing communication based on it.

Member of the Board, Hungarian Gestalt Association and member of the European Association for Gestalt Therapy, European Association for Psychoterapy (EAP) and member of the supervisor board of Perinatus Foundation, which targets to spread knowledge of birth pattern and insights gained from it.

Previously he has been for years member and leader of the board, Hungarian Transpersonal Association.

Keywords: anger, love, fear, relationships, intimacy, sexuality, pain, relaxation, decision, self confidence, self awareness, spiritual crisis